Bar Kitchen Product

Supported by a solid team who  has experiences and  knowledge  in hospitality products, Kharisma  Sejati (HKS) is a dynamic hotel/restaurant supplier in Indonesia.

We specialise in different product categories; glassware, chinaware, buffetware/tableware, kitchen utensils, electrical equipments for kitchen & room, flatware, chair,  banquet tables/chairs,  bedding/linen, barware, lobby & stewarding items, chef apparel, and some specific cooking products. 

We supply well-known international brands in hospitality industry such as Bodum, Bormioli Rocco, Besser, Carlisle, CCK, Cerabon, Cole & Mason, Cutipol, De buyer, Edlund, Excalibur, Giesser, Hatco, Imperia,  Jiwins, Kitchen Aid,  Lacor, Lava Cast Iron, Legacy, L’Tellier, Lodge Cast Iron, LSA, 3M, Mauviel, Martellato,  Pacojet, PAL, , Pavoni,  Polyscience, Rabbit, Robot Coupe, Rocam Losi, Roller Grill, Roner, Rotisol,  Safico, San Jamar, Sanneng, Santos, Schott Zwiesel, Sephra, Serena,  Sinmag, Staub, Thailad black cutleries, Victorinox, Vitamix, Waring, Vacstar , Zebra, as well as some  China made products.

Kharisma Sejati has capability to cater hotels and restaurants from different segments and  to supply based on the budgets defined